Photo Restoration & Colourization

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Richard Willett Photography offers Photo Restorations from Penrith NSW and can work all over Australia via internet or post.


Photo Restoration and Colourization services are as follows:

  • Scratch Removal

  • Blemish Removals

  • Surface Damage fixing

  • Contrast and colour balance corrections

  • Colourization

  • Cropping 

  • Deep Etching

  • Image enhancement

  • Image enlargements 

  • Conversion to black and white

Photo Restoration

Colourization is a lengthy and time-consuming process where I add colours tones and shading to improve the strength of the image. The idea is to have a finished product which enhances what is already there and adds some creativity. The more information is available on the people in the images, the easier it is to provide a close approximation to what the photograph may have looked like in colour.


It's more of an art form than a restoration. The results can be amazing, however, almost as if to bring the person back to life. I guarantee my workmanship and if you are not satisfied with the final result, then I will not charge.

Photo restoration is about conservation and restoration. Ideally, you should not be able to tell that the image was restored.

Photo Colourization

Image enhancement is about taking old photographs and using modern technology to correct issues such as colour balance, exposure, cropping, contrast, blemish removal, damage repair and detail enhancement. 

The process is nondestructive and does not affect the original image in any way. 

The process begins with a high-resolution scan of the image. After surface repairs are complete, I then look at corrections needed to exposure, contrast and corrections to the crop of the image. Usually, people have a specific size of the image they would like and the image file size needs to be taken into consideration. 

Finally, when the image is ready for printing, the file can be sent to the customer or printing arranged on request. 


How good would it be to have your precious photographs looking like new again?  Prices start from $10.00 for a simple edit up to $150 for more complex colourization and enhancements. 

A good photo restorer takes the time on each image to get it right. There are no shortcuts and a beautifully restored image can become a family heirloom. 

In the process of enhancing an image, it's truly amazing what can be recovered. The smallest of shadow, the angle of light, the focus point all point towards the lens and camera used to take the image, even after one hundred years.  

Some research is sometimes also needed, like in this photograph of an Australian Boer war soldier. A descendant kindly requested this image be colourized. 

It's easy to see from the image to the right that the original image is both faded and has some damage. It was not helped at all by the very basic film emulsions used at the time this image was taken circa 1876. 

However with research into the colours for the uniform the sitter as made much more lifelike and opens a window into the past.