Photo Restoration

Bring Old Photos to Life with Photo Restoration and Colourization

Photo Restoration | Emu Plains NSW | Richard Willett

How many times have you found a box of old photographs and were so happy that you did?


Old photos are amazing to stumble upon. When you find an old photo album and you begin to flip from one page to the next, you begin to see things that jog your memory. You look back on all of these amazing moments and smile, knowing that you had some awesome times over the years. The reality is that it's good for us to focus on these positive memories. 


What if you could make those pictures look new again? What if you didn't have to put up with looking at those scratches and tired images. I imagine that if restored properly your images would take pride of place in your living or family room. 


Photo restoration is a great thing in this space that can help a lot.

Sometimes the photographs may not even be of you but could be of grandparents or family members you never even met in your life.


With photo restoration, you can allow a professional to work to bring them back to their original and beautiful state. Allow us to bring back the colour, crispness, and life back to each of the photos before your very eyes.

Allow a professional with the right tools to remove those image defects and protect what you have. 

Add in the Color

The colour that was captured in photographs decades ago is just not even close to what it is today. The technology with cameras has been taken to the next level. You can take advantage of the new colours, new looks, and more with photo colourization.


With the technology that exists now, along with a photographer that knows how to work like a professional, photo colourization can bring forth a new and amazing view of an aging photograph. Before the advent of the photograph, we had colour paintings. It really is incredible to see an old black and white image of a long past relative come back to life with colour. 

Photo colourization is all about adding colour. Whether it is a black and white photo or a photo that was missing colour from the start, adding in colour to the photograph can bring in forth so that you can transport yourself to that time, to that place, and smile as a result. These types of efforts, whether it be photo colourization or photo restoration, are worthwhile journeys to go through with old portraits.


When you stop and consider the special things you would take with you in the event of a fire, usually family photographs are one of the first things people say they would collect on the way out the door. The reason for this is, is that they are usually irreplaceable. The reality is that even though your house may never be on fire those old images deteriorate over time. This can be avoided. 

What a gift it would be for future generations to have restored well-framed images of their ancestors as a family heirloom! Priceless!