Capturing Your Engagement With Amazing Portraits

A great way to keep records of such a special time.

Going through an engagement with someone is an extremely happy time. You have decided to commit to one another for your entire life and are prepared to go through the process of planning a wedding, a honeymoon, creating your family, and more.


When you are going through this entire process, the time just flies by. You are as happy as ever, but are you capturing these moments?


One thing that is often lost is that of an engagement portraits session. When the two of you can come together with an amazing photographer, capturing those photographs is of the utmost importance.

Capturing Your Engagement With Amazing Portraits.

Portraits are something you want to capture as you go through your engagement.

Let the engagement photos mean something as you and your loved one come together.


Do it at the location where you became engaged or at a few spots that mean a lot to you both.

We can work with you as you go through this process to map out the most perfect engagement portraits session for you.

Choosing the Photographer

Before you begin down the path of starting your engagement portraits session and planning it all out, you need a photographer to work with. We at Penrith Photographer want to be that resource for you. We have worked to obtain certifications, degrees, and gained exposure capturing events, personal photos, and more across New South Wales and beyond.

When you come to see us and our team we will work with you each step of the way to get to know you and your loved one, understand what you want to get out of the engagement portraits session, and more. When you work with us, we will be able to better understand where to go next with your photos to capture those special moments. 


An engagement portrait session is also a great way to get to know your photographer so that hopefully you will already have built a friendship with your photographer and get some tips for the big day. 

Most people would rather not be photographed and your photographer understands this. 

The photographer should always take time before the wedding during this session to coach the couple into creating excellent images. Peoples concept of what looks good is usually different from what the photographer will ask you to do. This is because most of us are not used to modelling or posing. 

After the photography session for the engagement photos, you will see some beautiful images of you and your special person, ideally with enough time to send photographs out on the wedding invitations. 

Some couples value their engagement photographs so much that they want to show them to the world on social media. For engagement photography sessions this is also taken into account which allows for social media sharing. Call Richard Willett Photographer today to book an appointment. 



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