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Outdoor Family Photography

Capturing Family Photos in a Natural and Outdoor Setting

When was the last time that you and your family had a formal photo session? Do you have formal pictures that you want to look back on, smile, and remember all of the great things that happened throughout the years? Formal outdoor photography is something so many families are missing. Taking them at a natural and outdoor location that means something to you all can help you connect later in life, take a look at a picture and be happy that you were there. When you decide to go forward with this type of outdoor family photography session, make sure you are working with a family photographer in Penrith that can deliver on your needs.


The team at Penrith Photography brings a unique level of experience and exposure to the table in the space of formal photography. We take price in holding certifications, degrees, and so on as we take the very best family portraits across all of the New South Wales area and beyond. The goal with your outdoor family photography session should be satisfaction in the result.


Family Portraits Should Be Natural


The thing to remember most when talking about family portraits is that they should be natural. The goal is to get your family in a setting where they can let their guard down, allow themselves to be exposed a bit. You do not want to have family portraits that seem forced. When you get into this type of setting you are just not going to enjoy yourself at all.


You want your family to be there, to be in the moment, and enjoying the company of one another. Ever been to a family portrait session that was just not enjoyable? You always remember the bad sessions, but the good ones are a lot more fun to look back on in the end. So if you are looking for a great family photographer in Penrith that you can count on, contact us today!

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