Wedding Photographer

 Penrith NSW | Richard Willett

Choosing a Photographer to Help You Capture your Special Wedding Day

Your wedding day is an amazing moment.


It is a triumph for the relationship between you and your significant other.

The decision to commit to married life is not a light decision and many people spend many years before finally deciding. 


The whole symbol of the day, with two people coming together with family and friends there to witness it all; there is a reason as to why your wedding day is arguably the happiest day of your life.


What you want most, outside of enjoying the day and the moment, is also having the ability to revisit the day, remember it in a positive way that it was presented, and go back to it whenever you like. The best way to do this is through pictures, through wedding photography that captures the day, one moment at a time.

Wedding photography is amazingly important when you are talking about your wedding day. When the time comes to choose a wedding photographer, you want to put in the time so you do not make a mistake. Research all of the different options at your disposal, do interviews, check reviews, and read up.

Connecting With the Photographer 

As you get into the details of your wedding photographer search, you want to be sure you can connect with the wedding photographer you choose. Through the interview process, meeting with the photographer and more, you need to hone in on what matters to you most. What is this person going to be able to deliver in pictures, what has he or she captured in the past, and can he or she get the job done to capture your special day in photos for you both? You need to be confident, you need to connect, and you need to be certain before you sign on with any photographer.

Setting a Photography Budget. 

Sometimes people ask me why I am so affordable. Usually, these people have been given some seriously expensive quotes. There are many factors which photographers use to decide how they need to charge for their service.


If the photographer has a studio, then this usually adds costs immediately. 

Secondly, There are cameras and then there are cameras if you know what I mean. Put it this way, if your photographer has invested in some seriously expensive gear then you will no doubt take this into account. 

Advertising. Most of us have met at some point a photographer who runs a business with multiple expensive add campaigns and require multiple team members. All of this also adds to the final price. 

Then there is the brand. Some photographers have an amazing reputation and you can literally pay tens of thousands of dollars more if this is the case. 

Personally speaking, my approach likes to focus on being a great photographer by using excellent gear in an efficient way with low overhead costs. For example: Yes my equipment is expensive however as I do not have multiple people working for me or a shop front, my costs are considerably lower. Having low overheads allows me to offer my services at a more affordable rate than most. 

Other people ask me why does it cost so much? usually what they don't realise is that for every hour of wedding photography, I spend another five hours in post-production.